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Posted on January 17, 2022

AI in Cybersecurity: Helping Humans Keep Up with Bad Actors

AI in cybersecurity has become a necessity and can no longer be considered optional. Being able to find those trained, qualified and driven professionals who continuously build a working knowledge of AI in cybersecurity should absolutely be part of any company interested in keeping their data stores safe and their IoT functioning efficiently.

So, what are some of the challenges unique to the world of cybersecurity? 

Huge Attack Surface

The potential vectors for attack are nearly endless, and with the increased number of devices used by organizations, opportunities for costly data breaches also increase. 

Beyond Human-scale

There simply aren’t enough skilled security professionals, much less those familiar enough with AI in cybersecurity to fully harness its potential. Data production has outpaced humanity’s ability to effectively secure it without some augmented assistance. 

How can a trained cybersecurity data management system help human teams address these issues?

Enhance Your Resource Effectiveness

High level security resources, those tools and processes designed to keep your data assets safe, all have their own strengths and weaknesses. AI provides a lens to see how effective your defenses are and can provide the intel necessary to fill in the gaps as necessary. 

Know Your Exposure

How people attack your data resources changes with the technology. AI in cybersecurity can provide real-time intelligence on prevalent trends and common attack patterns, allowing your company to deploy resources towards those areas of your infrastructure statistically likely to encounter cyberattacks. 

Take an Asset Inventory

AI can help your company develop a more accurate picture of your IoT, users within your network, those applications that have access to your data and what level of access they function. 

Data Breach Risk Assessment and Prediction

Using the aforementioned enhancement of resources, knowledge of exposure and asset inventories, AI can position a company’s controls and contingencies to make your cybersecurity defenses more effective, discovering those areas most commonly at risk and deploying those processes and tools preemptively.

Disaster Response

Due to the sheer amount of data that a well trained AI can oversee, providing an eagle-eye over a company’s data resources, AI in cybersecurity mitigates response time and can quickly decipher the root causes of security incursions. A proficient AI severely enhances a cybersecurity professional’s ability to access the source and vector of an attack to more proficiently defend against the same or similar cyber attacks.

Finding those emerging experts capable of fully integrating current and developing AI in cybersecurity must become a standard operating procedure for any company wanting to keep their customer or client information as secure as possible. LaunchGig has the real security experience to find those leaders who will provide real and adaptive cybersecurity protection. Contact us to get started.

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