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Posted on March 22, 2022

Cybersecurity Automation: Building a digital presence and digital defenses

Cybersecurity automation is an invaluable tool when looking at the numerous repetitive and essential task sequences it takes to keep any organization’s digital security at optimal levels. Today’s top companies, across all industries, must manage their vulnerabilities, especially considering the previously unheard of BYOD (bring your own device) policies now present on many networks due to the increased usage of remote working environments. 

Having the most highly qualified and credentialed cybersecurity automation specialists at hand will ensure those processes, tools and sequences that do a majority of the heavy lifting for your cyber defenses are updated and advanced enough to deal with the digital threats present and emerging across national and global economies. 

Options for your digital arsenal 

Cybercrime has no borders. Your datastores and other digital resources are mere  keystrokes and clicks away from being breached and stolen by a growing list of bad actors. Implementing such devices as SOAR (security orchestration and response), RPA (robotic process automation) and customized software and code are all powerful cybersecurity automation tools every connected business must fully utilize to address vulnerabilities. 

  • SOAR is built to develop sequenced activities between multiple security applications and carries out targeted automations in response to detected potential threats to a network’s digital infrastructure.
  • RPAs are software robots or digital workers of sorts—AI that observes users performing tasks and then learns to repeat them beyond human scale, drastically increasing efficiency. 
  • Custom software or code is used to meet and overcome highly specialized obstacles and is created to remedy a niche issue no product on the market can adequately address. Custom code can be written to consume and synthesize data based on the most exact set of parameters. 

AI-enabled cybersecurity automation for threats beyond human scale

A properly trained, vetted and credentialed cybersecurity asset, experienced in AI and machine learning assisted cybersecurity automation, is talent you can no longer afford to be without. 

The digitization of the economy is well underway and, as the customer-facing side of every business grows in size and complexity, so do those opportunities for hackers and other malicious operators to take advantage. Many companies still depend on traditional means of detecting, evaluating and responding to abnormal behaviors occurring within their networks. The data needed for traditional methods of threat response are large, and taking into account the possibility of human error are largely inefficient when dealing with the sheer size of many expanding networks.

The dangers inherent in a growing digital presence, or an unbalanced or too lean IT department, can be addressed using cybersecurity automation and by hiring those professionals capable of harnessing the powerful programs and systems. 

Launch Gig knows the technology and, most importantly, knows the people who work within this constantly evolving space. We can help you stay ahead of any threat to your business. 

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